A look at spring intramurals

Chris Lima

As the second semester begins, so does the quest for the coveted intramural championship t-shirt.

Every year, Quinnipiac University offers students the chance to participate in organized sporting activities. Students can choose different degrees of intensity, most sports offering a serious division one bracket and a lesser competitive division two and three.

This spring, the Intramurals Department is offering five-on-five basketball, co-ed bowling, volleyball, softball, mixed doubles tennis, co-ed frisbee and for the first time, indoor soccer, which will be played in the renovated Rec Center. The Intramurals Office makes sign up sheets available to anyone who comes down to pick them up. Once the team has the roster, a captain and assistant captain are chosen, the other members are placed on the team and the sheet is turned in with the refundable deposit of $25. Play begins a few weeks after, proceeded by a few captain’s meetings.

This year, bowling has seen the biggest change in rulings. Last years controversial scoring system needed some cleaning up. Now, in a detailed sheet handed out by Nick Wormley, the Director of Intramurals at Quinnipiac, bowlers can concentrate on bowling, instead of trying to make sense of the scoring system. “I like how they explained everything in the handout,” said James Matroni, a junior from New York. “Last year’s scoring system was too confusing and I thought it took away from what we were there for. Our team was more worried about if we were winning points or games or matches, and the confusion took a lot away from the fun.”

Many students took part in the winter sports, but some seem to be longing for the spring activities. Softball is as big a hit in the spring as football is in the fall. “Last year was great, even though our team got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs,” said Tom Schweitzer, a junior from Berlin, Connecticut, who is looking forward to the softball season. “Intramurals is a great way to put school work aside for a while, and actually enjoy yourself.”

New for this spring is indoor soccer. Last year, intramurals held an indoor soccer tournament which was highly successful. It had a very large turn out which caused the department to take action. “[Nick] Wormley decided to make this an intramural sport after the huge turnout at the tournament,” said junior Bill Dawson, a supervisor and office worker in the intramurals department. “Intramurals has the highest rating of student satisfaction on this campus and we are constantly looking for new ways to involve the largest amount of students possible”

Intramurals is an activity that makes it possible for athletes not participating in intercollegiate athletes to compete on the playing field. For more information regarding winter and spring Intramurals activities, you can contact Nick Wormley in the Intramurals Office in the Athletic Center, or visit its web site.