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Inside the mind of: Corrina Drost, selected for MTV’s ‘Teen Cribs’

Drost, a freshman at Quinnipiac, was featured on MTVs Teen Cribs in 2010.
Drost, a freshman at Quinnipiac, was featured on MTV’s “Teen Cribs” in 2010.

Name: Corrina Drost
Age: 18
Major: Broadcasting Journalism
Hometown: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Corrina Drost” align=”alignright” width=”156″][/media-credit]
Drost, a freshman at Quinnipiac, showed her house on MTV's "Teen Cribs" in 2010.

Did you apply to be on the show?

I saw an advertisement to be on Teen Cribs, and all I needed to do was submit a few pictures. I never thought anything would come of it, but to my surprise they ended up calling me the next day for more photos and information about myself, siblings, parents, and house.

Why do you think they chose you in particular?
What they liked about my house, and myself, was that I am a figure skater and have an ice rink in our back yard. The producers said they never had a show that included this before.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were going to be featured?
The producers had called me the next day, and the process was all very quick. In the initial phone call the MTV producers already set up a filming date for us, which was only a month away. I was very excited to know I was going to be apart of the worldwide known company MTV. I knew it would be a great experience that not only I would be apart of, but my family and friends.

How did you prep yourself and the house?

To prepare myself I had my makeup artist and stylist here to pick out my outfit and do my makeup the day of filming. In terms of preparation of the home itself, it is always maintained very well with our staff, so there was not much to do. The MTV team brought their own cameras, lights, and microphones in, and set up what they needed to.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Corrina Drost” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]
Drost is a figure skater and has a rink in her backyard.

Was there a script? What was it like to have the camera crew there?
There was no script given, only guidelines on where to enter the room and key pieces to talk about. We all needed to make up what we were going to say. The crew made everyone feel comfortable so it never felt awkward or intimidating.

What was it like when they came to your house?

The crew from MTV was from Manhattan which included about 25 people. They were all young, very laid back, and non intimidating. All day long we had catering, and drinks for everyone, and the crew was very thankful of us to provide this for them.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Corrina Drost” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]
MTV's 'Teen Cribs' crew filmed Drost at her house in 2010.

What did your friends and family say?

Friends and family were super excited to see the final episode. They believed it was done in a great light, and that it was a great way for the house to showcase itself. I have two older siblings, Brian and Colby. They believed it was a great experience, and to see an on location shoot was very intriguing.

Did people recognize you after the episode aired?

We didn’t think anyone would recognize us from a fifteen minute slot on TV, but going to the local markets and areas in our county, people starting recognizing us, and told us they saw our episode. It was really cool to hear friends of friends who are in different countries were able to see the episode, as well.

Did anything outstanding come out of the experience?
The experience gave us a lot of networking opportunities, including meeting people throughout the world. We met other featured teens that were on their own episodes, particularly one that was a band called The After Party from Kansas who came to our home many times when they were on tour. We became close friends, and they even performed at my Sweet 16 party that was Rock N Roll themed. They still continue to come here, and use our theater as a practice studio. I also had the chance to meet the Disney bands, Hollywood Ending and All Star Weekend.

Watch the first half of the show:

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