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Law Library exposed

A Quinnipiac University Law School student, a Quinnipiac Liberal Arts student and a member of the public walk into the Quinnipiac University School of Law library. The beginning of a bad joke? No, this is the regular occurrence each day in the law library.

The library, situated in the northwest corner of the Quinnipiac campus, is home to over 300,000 volumes and microfilms of legal history, not to mention offices of law professors, computer labs and enough desks to fill a big New York law firm.

“The library looks brand new. It’s all state-of-the-art,” third year Quinnipiac law student, Sarah Schlagter, said.

“All the features and resources it has, not to mention that it’s so pretty in here. The library is mostly why I picked Quinnipiac for law school,” Schlagter said.

Open to the law school, the undergraduate schools, and the public, the library has resources for all.

Opening in 1995, the library offers everything from books to official government documents.

“Quinnipiac is one of the few school libraries that receive copies of documents issued by the federal government. We get regular updates,” Margaret Thomas, of the circulation desk, said.

For those who want a place to study, the library is the place to be.

Comfortable couches and chairs, study rooms, and strict policies on cell phone use become welcome amenities for the student that needs peace and quiet.

“I go to the law library when I really need to do homework. It’s so peaceful, and it makes me feel intellectual,” sophomore Liz McFall said.

The library has students’ education in mind, but the architecture also supports a wise energy use.

“The lighting system here is based on using natural light through use of windows, as well as low artificial lighting,” Thomas said. “It’s dark in here sometimes, but it cuts down on the electricity used in the library.”

When the topic of the law library comes into conversation, frequent replies are “We have a law library?”

But for most of those who use it, the library is a place of learning, peace, and intelligence.

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