WRECK: Send My Regards to Broadway

Anna Wagner

Broadway has produced many gems during the last two decades. “Les Miserables” is going on 25 years and been made into two movies, “Rent” is celebrating 16 years, and “Wicked” was performed for the first time nearly 13 years ago. There’s also been a few dark horses, including “Cats” and “Spiderman,” but overall, the shows were usually original. Fast forward to 2012 where there are not one, not two, but three different non-musicals becoming broadway productions. Ladies and gentleman, “Elf,” “Shrek” (yes, the computer-animated ogre) and “Bring it On” (The music-less teen cheerleader movie that came out 12 years ago)  will be Broadway musicals.

During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, previews of “Elf” and “Bring It On” were broadcasted before the floats began. These two previews exploded on Twitter, as people listed B-rated movies ending with the hashtag #themusical, and complained about the lack of creativity on Broadway. Who can blame the haters? These movies weren’t meant to be musicals. However, this is no new trick for the industry. Last year “Catch Me If You Can” and “Sister Act” were performed on stage, as well as “Cry Baby,” “Legally Blonde,” and a plethora of Disney gold mines. It seems Broadway is running out of movies to recreate. Where have all the playwrights gone? Maybe next year they’ll move on to replicating television. “Jersey Shore: The Musical,” anyone? Send my regards to Broadway.