Culture Shock

Christine Burroni

1. Selena Moves on to Clothing Line
While the buzz is still Selena’s split from Justin, Selena didn’t lose track of her new business endeavor. Her “Dream Out Loud” clothing collection made its debut in K-Mart, and Gomez presented it at a store in White Plains, N.Y. The junior collection “Dream Out Loud” is filled with sequins, metallics and lace. Kudos to Selena for keeping her life going despite her very public split!

2. Married to Jonas…Again.
E! formally announced that its reality show starring newlyweds Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasas will be airing for its second season. In the first season, we met Danielle’s quirky, hilarious in-laws but now it’s Jonas time. Round two dives into the world of the JoBros and Kevin’s first time touring with his brothers in three years.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen shows off her older man
Mary-Kate Olsen, in the eyes of many, will always be Michelle Tanner from “Full House.” Well, flash forward two decades, and our cute little Michelle is in the arms of Oliver Sarkozy, her 42-year-old boyfriend. The two were seen being affectionate at a Knicks game. Even though this 16-year age difference has been the talk of the tabloids, Mary-Kate told WSJ Magazine that she isn’t phased by it.

4. Gabby Douglas, Still on Fire
America’s favorite gymnast from the 2012 London Olympics, Gabby Douglas, was named Essence Magazine’s Women of the Year. She‘s donning the cover the November/December 2012 issue in a black strapless dress, with a medal around her neck. Michelle Obama and ABC’s Robin Roberts also share the title of Women of the Year 2012.

5. Some Pre-Royal Fun
A new picture surfaced of Kate Middleton in her college days, providing a different definition to the phrase, “dressed up,” according to US Weekly. In the picture Kate is dressed as a baby in celebration of a St. Andrews University tradition where older students “adopt” younger students and typical college activities ensue; drinking games and a foam fight. Kate is dressed fully in a makeshift diaper, bib and rosey cheeks.

6. Anne Hathaway Sheds Unnecessary Pounds for Les Mis  
The movie airs next month and is already the buzz in Oscar world, but there might be more talk about how Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds for the role–on purpose. “The idea was to look near death” for her role of Fantine, she told Vogue in its December issue. After the movie she looks forward to putting the weight back on, but she says she’ll keep the cute pixie haircut!