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Matthew Lefebvre

Almost every great freshman year by an athlete is followed by a sophomore slump, a year where the athlete doesn’t match his/her freshman year numbers. Maurice Clarett is about to have the biggest sophomore slump ever. He rushed for 1,237 yards in 2002 while only playing in eleven of Ohio State’s fourteen games as a freshman. After being suspended for the first six games of this season, Clarett may not play at all this year. If he doesn’t play, he will challenge the NFL ruling to allow him to enter May’s draft. The NFL will certainly change the rule to accommodate Clarett who would undoubtedly be the first pick. After all, the NBA altered their minimum age so European sensation Darko Milic could be drafted second overall by the Detroit Pistons…Florida State’s trashing of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 37-0, wasn’t by accident. The Seminoles promised revenge against UNC after the game they played in Chapel Hill in 2001 where the Tar Heels ran up the score in a 41-9 victory. Talk about an equal and opposite reaction…Eli Manning (Ole Miss), Phillip Rivers (NC State), Cody Pickett (Washington), and Eli Robertson (Kansas State) are the marquee senior quarterbacks this season. Don’t be surprised if you see Bradlee Van Pelt (Colorado State) and J.P. Losman (Tulane) being drafted before some of the previously mentioned signal callers in May’s draft…The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) has caused much controversy since its inception into college football. Many colleges and universities who aren’t considered “BCS contenders” have gone to congress to try to eliminate the BCS for next season and institute some type of post-season playoff between all the D-1A schools. But what do these lonely ranked schools like Tulane, East Carolina, and Boise State bring to a national audience…Second generation superstars Eli Manning and Kellen Winslow (Miami) are just two players to follow in their father’s footsteps. 2003 first round picks Jerome McDougle (Philadelphia), Jimmy Kennedy (St. Louis), and Johnathan Sullivan (New Orleans) are also second generation. A trend might be forming, if your dad was great you have the chance to be too…A further case which shows the east coast bias in the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 poll, 22 of the top 25 teams are from the eastern United States. The only western teams represented are Colorado, USC, and Arizona State…-Matt Lefebvre