Quinnipiac offers trip to rivalry game

Antony Johnson

As the American League pennant race between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox comes to a boil, Quinnipiac offered students 24 tickets, with transportation included, to attend the last game of the regular season in which the two archrivals will meet.

The three game series will start with the Yankees 3 1/2 games ahead of the Red Sox, 4 games in the loss column, offering the six time second place finisher to the Yankees a chance to come within half a game of the lead in the American League east standings.

Loyal fans sensing the urgency to obtain tickets, awoke as early as six o’clock in the morning in anticipation of the eight o’clock selling time.

William Dawson, a junior broadcast journalism major, was the first person to acquire two of these coveted tickets.

“I was happy I was in the front of the line,” commented Dawson as he walked away from the now crowded Student Center lobby at eight o’clock in the morning.

Dawson, along with three of his roommates, were among the die hard few who arrived at the Carl Hansen Student Center in the early morning to wait for ticket sales to begin.

“The thought of watching the Sox beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium was enough to get me out of bed,” said Dawson. Arriving early paid off for the dedicated fans.

As the eight o’clock selling time became closer it was more and more apparent that the late arrivals would not get one of the 24 available tickets.

A line of well over 50 students stretched around the perimeter of the student center lobby at eight o’clock, but it was clear to most that there were no tickets available to the late arrivals.

The unexpectedly large turnout shows the desire of many dedicated fans to atend a game of this stature.

The students wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that Quinnipiac has offered them. The devotion showed by the fans this day is a big thanks to the university and its activity planners.