Music for Meals hits The Space

Jessica Colarossi

People walked into the The Space Friday, Oct. 26, where masks, string lights, abstract paintings and other forms of art lined the walls. WQAQ’s Music for Meals benefit concert, featuring three bands, Trollllort, Hiya Dunes and headliner Party Supplies, had attendees dancing to the music for a good time and a good cause. People could play $5 at the door or bring two canned goods, all of which was donated to the Hamden Food Bank.

Party Supplies, an indie-pop musical duo and the last act, had the crowd moving as singer/songwriter Justin Nealis and bandmate Sean Man produced electro-powered jams with heavy beats and crackling guitar lines. The room was filled with energy, and Nealis’, who has a background as a rap producer, said to the crowd that singing songs that get people off their feet is what he loves doing the most. He also said he’s determined to rename himself as more than a recording artist.

“I thought it was a great show. There was a good size crowd and I hope to go again next year!” Katie Devaney, a freshmen and first-time Music for Meals attendee, said.

The Hiya Dunes, a rock and roll quartet from Connecticut, and folk-punk band, Trollllort, kicked off the event. Trollllort’s members are recent Quinnipiac alumni Kyle Murphy, Adam Russo, Gerry D’Apollo, Kris Giordano, as well as senior and WQAQ’s general manager Benjamin Goodheart.

“We’ve been doing this as long as I’ve been a part of the station,” Goodheart said. “I think it was a great success.”

The combination of music and The Space’s funky atmosphere was well-suited to start ‘Halloweekend,’and some concert-goers wore their costumes. After the music stopped, people went upstairs to check out the vintage boutique and play classic arcade games.

The planning and negotiating with artists’ managers for Music for Meals began the second week of the semester, said Scott Wong, WQAQ’s music manager. “We raised over $100 and over 100 items of nonperishable foods. Everyone loved Party Supplies so overall I’m very happy with the way things went,” Wong said.

Music for Meal’s did it again, and students and alumni can look forward to the event next year.