RAVE: American Horror Story

Anna Wagner

The long-awaited second season of “American Horror Story “premiered last Wednesday on FX and upped the shock factor with more sex, more scares and more goose-bump inducing twists.

The new season takes place in 1964 at Briarcliff Sanatorium, an asylum for the criminally insane.  As if that isn’t creepy enough, it’s run by a faculty of crooked, sadistic clergy and a doctor who likes chopping up his patients. Yum. But the terror isn’t just in the hospital; the plot is much more complex this season, weaving together two stories, one from 1964 and the other in 2012. However, it gets even more frightening when we learn that there is something lurking on the outskirts of Briarcliff Sanatorium that is not only supernatural, but hungry for human flesh.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of AHS, made the risky decision to discontinue the storyline from last season, and start completely from scratch, which was ultimately the best decision. However, despite the new characters and new monsters, Murphy kept some of the actors from last season, including award winning actress Jessica Lange, who played the psychotic southern belle Constance Langdon.

Tune in for “American Horror Story Asylum” Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX and try to sleep with the lights off afterward.