WRECK: Share the Chicken Tenders with Mount Carmel

Nicole La Pietra

The arrival of Au Bon Pain was a great addition to the Mount Carmel’s Café Q. The
line for quick-to-go coffee and sandwiches is always moving now. While this
new addition is filled with fresh and tasty products, Café Q has sacrificed storage space for our beloved chicken tenders and fries to accommodate the new food obsession.

Along with Au Bon Pain comes a lot of ingredients and exciting additives which are stored in the freezers of the BYOB section of the café. Although the students are unaffected by this change, it limits the amount of storage and cooking space the Café Q workers normally have to work with. This specifically affects everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, the chicken tenders. They have found a new home in the York Hill freezers rather than the BYOB section freezers.

Leann Spalding, the associate director of dining services/Chartwells says that “Although there is such a limited space at the Café Q, the regular delivery of food to the café is still made daily, and we store some food in the freezers on the York Hill campus.”

More space needs to be sacrificed on the Mount Carmel campus to assure the regular amount of chicken tenders and French fries are available, whether it is at the BYOB section of the Café or whether the Au Bon Pain mini-kitchen needs to store less of its ingredients in other sections of the Café Q. Au Bon Pain is great and all, but it can’t be hogging other section’s freezer space. Remember: sharing is caring.