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Danzig makes preparations for WQAQ management

With spring in the air, and summer approaching rapidly it is time for Quinnipiac students to start looking towards next year. Most people don’t have much planned, but for one Quinnipiac sophomore the sky is the limit this fall.

Enter Joshua Danzig. For Josh, this fall will mark the beginning of his role as General Manager (GM) of WQAQ, our campus radio station. Elected directly by members of WQAQ, Danzig will be the first junior to be GM.

“It means a lot that they elected me [to be GM] and I’m going to show that in the way I carry myself and run the station,” said Danzig.

This past semester, with the absence of WQAQ Sports Director Emilio Sarullo, Danzig found himself on the management staff for the first time. Within a few months he had made his presence felt and subsequently was nominated, then elected to the much coveted general manager position. His major platform in running was that with him around, everybody will be GM and he will just be “the guy on the phone in the office.”

The intriguing thing about Danzig is that he didn’t really run for GM as much for himself as he did for the radio station and its people.

“After I got nominated, wasn’t sure what I was exactly going to do,” said Danzig. “I had planed on running for a management position, but hadn’t really thought of GM at the time.”

According to Danzig, his colleagues at the station helped him make up his mind through intense support.

As someone who is a little bit younger and still learning everyday, Danzig is extremely approachable and has the time to tend to everybody’s needs around the station.

“Being a junior who lives on campus, I’ll always be around to help out with anybody’s show at anytime, even in the middle of the night,” said Danzig.

So what exactly can we expect next year out of Danzig and his staff? Ideas are in the works for a weekly or bi-monthly campus band concert. This would help our local heroes to get some exposure and get their name out there, he said.

Bands like Camera Shy Paparazzi and Green-Oh were mentioned by Danzig on more than a few occasions as bands to keep an eye on in the upcoming year.

For members of the radio station, next year is going to be a huge improvement. With the budget already approved, air-conditioning is going to be installed and Danzig also plans to give the station a new look altogether.

“Right now I’m looking into a whole new design and logo for the station itself,” said Danzig.

But for the time being, Danzig has immersed himself into learning all he possibly can from current GM Glenn “I ain’t mad at cha'” Giangrande and the rest of the management staff, to prepare himself for the fall.

WQAQ is going to be exciting and something to really look forward to next year. The look is going to be new, the management will be younger than in previous years, and opportunity will be at an all time high.

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