Green with TV envy

Matt Busekroos

Every once in awhile I will be watching television and I think to myself, “Man, I wish I could be just like them!”

I don’t live a typically exciting life, so it’s sometimes fun to project myself on fictional characters. The following are just five characters of many characters I would love to be for a day.

Emily Thorne (from “Revenge”) – Watch one episode of “Revenge” and tell me you wouldn’t want to be Emily Thorne for a day. Emily seeks revenge on the people who took her family away from her. She is intelligent, deceptive and fights like hell. Basically, she is a bad ass and she knows it.

Donnie (from “The Wild Thornberrys”) – A cartoon character and less conventional choice for sure, but Donnie sure has an interesting life. Donnie was raised by orangutans before the Thornberry family, traveling around the world in a commvee, take him in as their own. Donnie is a free spirit and only ever speaks gibberish. It would be fun to go on as many adventures as him and to never be expected to do much.

Evie Garland (from “Out of This World”) – I doubt anyone remembers this show or ever heard of it, but I grew up watching it with my older sisters. Evie is half mortal and half alien. She develops powers throughout the series, such as pausing time and transporting herself from one place to another. I thought about other television characters with powers, such as Alex Mack or Raven, but Evie is a less conventional choice with even cooler powers. Who wouldn’t love to freeze time or switch places?

Bill Henrickson (from “Big Love”) – Bill Henrickson is a polygamist with three wives and more children than you can count on “Big Love.” I don’t necessarily condone or believe in polygamy, however, I think this type of family would be entertaining to be in for a day. In my real life, I have some friends ranked in a pyramid (you know who you are), who could totally make this work with me in a fictional sense. Baby mamas, wifeys, mistresses and tots are welcome.

Liz Lemon (from “30 Rock”) – It’s not so much I envy Liz Lemon so much as I believe my life is headed in the same direction as hers (without the fancy writing job on a television show). Liz is self-deprecating and makes light of her absentee love life and the crazy people she surrounds herself with. I can identify. Thank you, Tina Fey.

Matt Busekroos is a graduate student studying Interactive Media. While he loves all of these characters, he secretly wishes he could be Cousin Skeeter from “Cousin Skeeter.” Skeeter is what people want. And Skeeter is what people need. Cousin Skeeter it is.