Pan-Hel brings ‘Finding Kind’ to QU

Kerry Healy

Quinnipiac’s Panhellenic Council received a $5,000 grant from Kappa Delta to present the Finding Kind Campaign. Open to all Quinnipiac students, the video and interactive presentation targeted girl-on-girl bullying and how harmful it can be to a young girl or even a young woman.

The campaign started with two Pepperdine students, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson. As the creators of the Kind Campaign, they got the chance to explain their own stories before the start of the documentary and how they were bullied as children.

Senior Alyssa Fine explained how touching the documentary really was. “The movie was so powerful,” Fine said. “ It showed how girl on girl fighting is such a universal issue and is so much more serious than what is dramatized in TV and movies.”

The documentary went into detail about specific experiences of girls across the country and how they were bullied. The effects varied from girl to girl, but the same scared and sad feeling was common amongst all the girls.

Parsekian and Thompson’s cross country tour also offers an outlet for girls to express their feelings about bullying and gives them a chance to apologize to themselves and others around them whether they’ve been bullied or have been the bully.

“We’ve been raised in a society where our automatic response to others is to judge them,” Fine said. “On their clothes, on their looks, on their friends. Most of the time we don’t even realize we’re doing it, that’s how ingrained it is in our brains.”

The Finding Kind campaign was presented as part of Pan-Hellenic Pride Week.