Weekend shuttles could move to North Lot

Daniel Grosso

Quinnipiac students’ weekly trek to Toad’s Place may be about to get a little longer.

The Department of Public Safety could move the downtown New Haven shuttles from their current location in South Lot to North Lot in an effort to reduce crowding at the shuttle stop. The shuttles would only be in North Lot on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Assistant Chief of Public Safety Edgar Rodriguez said South Lot is a high-traffic area during the weekends because of food deliveries and other students driving on the Mount Carmel Campus.

“It’s just a safety issue,” Rodriguez said. “Sometimes our crowds are so big that some of the students are standing on the road.”

Students’ safety has never been in danger while the shuttle stop was crowded, Rodriguez said. However, he said Public Safety’s job is to keep Quinnipiac’s students safe.

“We were just looking at the North Lot to see if that gives us more room, and it’s a little safer standing on the North Lot by the basketball courts,” Rodriguez said.

Public Safety also has a current method in place to deal with overcrowding at the bus stop.

“We have enough people out there, so we’ll separate [the line],” Rodriguez said. “If it gets too long we’ll put a couple of people on a sidewalk before the [Health Center] lot, and then we’ll tell [students] when to proceed forward. Right now we’re using stanchions out there, so we have it controlled pretty well.”

Although the current system has kept students out of harm’s way so far, Public Safety is willing to move the shuttle stop to North Lot in order to minimize the chances of an accident. However, the move is only tentative at the moment. Rodriguez assured Public Safety would be in contact with the Student Government Association before any moves were actually made.

“If we decide that this is a good idea, we’ll bring [SGA] on board. We like to run a lot of stuff by them,” Rodriguez said. “Student opinion means a lot to us, also. We’d like to get their opinion on it.”