Quinnipiac website gets redesigned

Amy Maciejowski

A year and a half in the making, Quinnipiac’s web executive committee will unveil a newly minted Quinnipiac University website in October.

Incoming students are first introduced to Quinnipiac through the website, where they can find campus activities and academic information, and after six years of the same interface, it will be completely redesigned and updated.

“We are integrating social media into the new site because we don’t do a great job with that right now,” said Mark Ludovico, director of web communications.

The addition of the social media will include the university’s office blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.

“There will be areas where we are linking out to our accounts and there will be other areas where there will be direct feeds from the social media accounts coming into the sit,” Lodovico said.

When the web executive committee, made up of various faculty members and administrators, came together to talk about making a new website, it illustrated certain goals it wanted to accomplish with the redesign.

The committee planned on making the website more interactive and more user-friendly, as well as incorporating all of the individual schools, and the newly added medical school.

“I was intimidated by how many links there were per page,” freshman Mark Solomon said. “Prospective students may not be able to find what they want easily.”

Solomon said that when he used the website, it seemed cluttered and would be better off with dropdown menus and a better display of the school colors.

While the committee organized focus groups of current students during the research phase of the project, the new website is geared mainly toward prospective students.

Once the website is running, the committee will then look to construct a mobile capability.

“There is no downtime for the website,” Ludovico said. “We just flip the switch and the new website will be up. No one will know when the changes are done, they will just happen.”