In the Mind of…a long distance runner

Hannah Alegbeleye

Junior, Pete Nikitas talks about his dreams, successes, and challenges as a runner.

What sparked your interest in running?

I use to run as training for soccer and ended up really enjoying it.

Do you have a certain specialty?
The half-marathon.

Do know how many miles you run on average?
40-50 miles per week.

What’s your best time?
1 hour 37 minutes and 7 seconds

Who is your running role model?
Steve Prefontaine

What’s your pre-run snack?
My favorite pre-run snack is probably a GU Energy Gel. I eat them before and during most long runs and they really help!

So what’s the hardest part about running?
Running is both physical and mental. The hardest part for me would be getting up everyday and running. It takes a lot of mental strength.

 And what’s the best part?
I would say being able to get away from the world. Whether I’m running alone or with a friend, I’m able to forget everything else going on and just relax. It is just a freeing feeling that I don’t get from anything else.

With all your success so far, do you have any advice for future runners?
Just go do it! The hardest part about running is to start up and be consistent. Pick a race, sign up for it, and work towards it. That’s what I do and it has yet to fail me.

Within the running world, what are looking to achieve?
Finishing a full marathon.