WRECK: Live with Kelly and Michael

Erica Siciliano

On Sept. 4, millions of stay-at-home moms tuned in to see who would sit in the empty chair once occupied by TV host Regis Philbin. Kelly walked herself out, gave a quick speech about the long and winding path to a new cohost and asked her new cohost to join her on stage.

The camera cut to New York Giant Michael Strahan stumbling out of a limousine. He joined Ripa on stage and picked her up in a giant bear hug.

With other rumored contenders, such as Josh Groban and Seth Meyers, it begs to ask the question, is this the best that ABC and Ripa could do? Yes, Strahan has the ability to keep everyone’s attention on the football field and is one of the best commentators on Fox NFL Sunday, but it’s hard to imagine that his passion for being a talk show host will remain the same when talking about the latest Hollywood gossip or upcoming movie instead of recapping Sunday’s big game.

Although in the past Strahan has drawn in big numbers as a past guest host, it’s hard to imagine that between continuing to work with Fox NFL Sunday and keeping up with Ripa’s overbearing personality, his gap-toothed smile will have the same effect down the road.