RAVE: Breaking Bad leaves you hanging…again

Matt Eisenberg

Just when you think there was going to be a quiet ending to “Breaking Bad’s” shortened fifth season, something unpredictable happens.

We saw what that “something” was, but we don’t know what it will become. That’s what makes “Breaking Bad” the award-winning show it is.

Creator Vince Gilligan knows how to entice an audience. During the previews for upcoming episodes, the viewer was always left wanting more and clueless to its ending. Every episode is left like this, too.

Gilligan did this with the fifth season’s ending. There’s no telling what’s going to happen in the final season. How can we predict what Hank or Walt will do? There really is no way to know what will happen in season six. Period. Considering how the fourth season ended, Gilligan could have gone any route with season five. To little surprise, he made another masterpiece.

You just know something is going to happen in season six. The only bad thing about it: we all have to wait until next summer to find out.