Rayland Baxter makes listeners want to break out their ‘Feathers and Fishhooks’

Shannon Corcoran

In a world full of Beliebers, Directioners and way too many Call Me Maybe-ers, it’s hard to believe there is actually a side of music that isn’t dominated by pop melodies attempting to tell relatable love stories. However, Rayland Baxter, an up-and-coming folk singer, has just changed this with his newly released, debut record, “feathers & fishHooks.”

The 12-song collection tells the tales of the free-spirited, the love sick and the blissful with nearly no flaws. With each song perfectly crafted instrumentally and Baxter’s mellow voice scarily reminiscent of Bob Dylan, the album is the total package.

Between “Driveway meLody,” “wiLLy’s Song” and the record’s lead track, “The Mtn Song,” Baxter flawlessly creates a platform for everyone’s hidden hippie to emerge. The three tracks are perfect for those days when the warm weather is daring you to roll down your car windows and have a little road jam session.

Songs “oLivia” and “The Woman for Me” defy the rules of the standard love song. They’re real, they have depth to them and they don’t sound overly auto-tuned or mangled in the production studio. Crafted for the lovesick, they get the point across without being overbearing and will certainly grow with listeners with time.

For a debut album, Baxter did a tremendous job with “Feathers.” All of the songs are perfect for easy listening and mellowing out. As of now, Baxter remains virtually unknown; however, after listeners catch wind of the massive amount of talent he has, all of that should change pretty quickly.

Rating- 4 stars
Buy- The Mtn Song, willow, Driveway meLody
Skip- TeLL me Lover.