Ann Romney gave ‘phenomenal’ RNC speech

The QU Chronicle

Blog by Tony Froccaro:

Greetings from Tampa Bay, Florida. I am here at the Republican National Convention, and day one of the three day extravaganza was a truly unique experience. Of the many gripping speakers to grace the elegant two million dollar wood stage, the highlight of the night was the speech given by the wife of the Republican party’s nominee, Ann Romney. I was able to access the convention center for Mrs. Romney’s compelling speech, and given the impact it could potentially have on the outcome of the election for her husband, it was the speech the whole party was anxiously awaiting.

Of the many issues surrounding the election, Mitt Romney’s apparent awkwardness which contributes to his low “likability” rating is what many pundits see as his downfall, or fatal flaw. When compared to his opponent and current President Barack Obama, Governor Romney is merely a turtle who won’t come out his shell, and Ann Romney was called upon to help set the record straight.

Overall, Mrs. Romney did a phenomenal job. Not only did she help to portray her husband as a humble, modest and loving man, but she also appealed to women, and the hard working middle class. While her speech seemed scripted at sometimes, she delivered lines that appeared to have hit struck an emotional chord amongst many people at the convention, drawing five standing ovations.

The most powerful, emotional line Ann Romney delivered involved her husbands love of helping others, a side many have yet to see of the potential Presidential candidate. Mrs. Romney explained that for Governor Romney, helping others is “a privilege, not a political talking point” and this was hands down the most moving moment of the speech. It is rare to find a person in politics not willing to exploit all of the positives they have done in their life, and it is a testament to Governor Romney’s modesty, humbleness, and faith.

Mrs. Romney’s ability to convey this deep understanding of her husband she has developed over the years was crucial for her husbands chances in the election. For myself, it was the watershed moment that could help propel Governor Romney to the presidency if the rest of the convention goes smoothly. Thursday is the day the Presidential hopeful takes the stage himself, and his speech will be watched by millions, many of which have not yet decided whom to vote for.