Nicole Fano: ‘Lifetime of smiles’

Nicole Fano

During my time as the Chronicle’s Arts & Life Editor, I have experienced a full spectrum of emotions. I have felt the anxiety of deadlines, as well as the excitement of publishing an article. In my years spent writing for the Chronicle, there have been both highs and lows – and I would not trade any of them.

When I first began writing for the Chronicle during my sophomore year, I was so intimidated by the journalistic skills of my peers that I contemplated quitting the paper. Not quitting the Chronicle was the best decision I have made during my four years at Quinnipiac. I never imagined that I could grow and learn so much outside of the classroom.

To the 2011-2012 Chronicle E-board, thank you for everything. I am so proud of the journalism we have produced over the past year, and I admire our staff’s hard work and dedication. I could not be happier with the transformation of the Arts & Life section — it has become everything that I hoped it would be. Each week we produced more and more wonderful content — and it is all thanks to the people I have worked with along the way. Sarah Rosenberg, you have such a strong writing voice, never stop. Catherine Boudreau and Christine Burroni, I cannot wait to see the content you produce next year. I know Arts & Life is in wonderful hands! Anna Brundage and Sam Epstein, thank you both for your endless creativity. To Michele Snow, I wish you the best of luck – I have no doubt that you will do great things.

While I value so many of my Chronicle experiences, I will miss writing “This is Me” most of all. Having the opportunity to tell so many amazing stories has truly been a privilege.

To Matt and Lenny, working with you has been a treat. Thank you for trusting me to leave my mark on Arts & Life.
While my free time has increased considerably now that my work at the Chronicle is finished, it all feels bittersweet. Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Thank you to my Chronicle family, for leaving me with a lifetime of smiles.