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This Is Me: Dancing with a real star

This Is Me: Dancing with a real star


When it comes to working the room, John Midy knows what to do when he’s dancing ballroom. But when it comes to lighting up a room, he doesn’t have to do anything – that comes naturally.

As a senior physical therapy major, Midy works hard not only in academics but through the many activities he’s involved in. Midy’s goal in life is making people happy in any way possible.

“No joke, when I put a smile on someone’s face it enlightens me, it makes me feel so happy,” he said.

[media-credit id=1532 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Midy, a high school football and track star, said he had no idea that ballroom dancing would become his true passion throughout his time at Quinnipiac. He was convinced to go to a meeting his freshman year.

“I fell in love with it,” Midy said. “I was the kind of guy that would learn a move and practice it over and over again.”

While dancing was different from football or track, it was something Midy aspired to do.

“Whatever I put my mind into, I do it,” he said.

Four years later, as the vice president of the Quinnipiac’s Ballroom Dance Society, Midy has not only improved as a dancer but in his eyes, he has become someone who wants change the world.

In addition to being an award winning collegiate ballroom dancer, he’s an RA and also involved with the Community Action Project, Campus Ministry, Knights of Columbus, Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Habitat for Humanity and he was a Leader for two Nicaragua trips this past year.

“I want to go all over the world to different poor countries and open up clinics. Physical therapy can change lives,” he said.

Midy spoke about his trips to Nicaragua where his dancing talents did not stay home. Midy won a friendly dance competition with the Nicaraguan people he met there.

“Those people respected me so much because they were like ‘Wow, this guy from America can dance too?’ And I taught some of them some different dance moves that they never learned.”

Midy said he loves to dance to any type of music whether it is Michael Buble or Michael Jackson.

“If you can hear it, you can dance it,” Midy said.

Midy said he appreciates the support he gets from his large family, including his 10 siblings, and friends.

“The big thing about me was I didn’t grow up fortunate like that I never had the opportunity to dance,” he said. “I didn’t even believe I was going to come to this school, that’s why I take advantage of everything that’s offered to me.“

Midy not only reflects on his life growing up while he’s dancing or doing service, he also remembers where his family comes from.

“Being Haitian American is something that I have pride in, not many Haitians do what I do and that’s what I love about it because I like to present myself as I do something that others don’t do and  a representative of that culture,” he said.

Midy has done numerous amounts of service trips and progress throughout his time at Quinnipiac. One of his favorite memories is spending time with teenage mothers in Florida with the Campus Ministry.

Midy said he realize how stressed the girls were and found dance to be the perfect escape.

“We taught some salsa to the girls and oh my God, they had so much fun, you could see that their stress was just relieved, that makes a big difference in life,” Midy said.

“That’s why I dance, to make people happy, to change their lives in a way,” he added.

Senior Victoria Ricotta, QU Ballroom Society’s president, has been working with Midy since their sophomore year.

“I have truly never worked with anyone so passionate before,” she said. “There was never a day when John didn’t walk into a room, say hello or introduce himself to everyone, and keep a smile on his face no matter the difficult day he may have had.”

When Ricotta became the president of the Quinnipiac Ballroom Society, she knew Midy needed to be vice president.

“John is truly one of the hardest working students I know and never complains for a minute of it,” she said. “I think it is the gracious attitude he has towards like that allows him to face each moment with joy when most would see it as pain.”

Midy and Ricotta have competed together in many competitions throughout their years at Quinnipiac. They also choreographed performances to teach ranging from different ballroom styles and sometimes mixed with hip-hop moves that Midy likes to throw in.

Together, the dancing duo planned the “Dancing With the QU Stars” event this past March.

Midy started dancing with the Quinnipiac Ballroom Society in its inaugural year, and with his current position of Co-President, he has not stopped contributing.

Eric Turcio, founder of the Ballroom Society, considered Midy his right hand man when he formed the dancing group.

“If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had as much enthusiasm in the organization. He made everyone feel comfortable and want to dance,” Turcio said.

Midy said he specifically remembers pulling girls out of the crowd on the Quad at the involvement fair and dancing with them as a way to encourage possible new members.

“He just made it so much fun no matter where we were, and what we did,” Turcio said. “That was helpful because running the program was stressful for me and he made my job easier, and kept everyone together.”

Midy will be around for the next two years with the physical therapy graduate program, and still plans on dancing with the Ballroom Society as much as he can.

Through years of dancing, inspiring and bringing smiles to people’s faces, Midy said he realizes that he was given the gift of having a positive impact on people and eternally share it.

“If I have to use dancing or physical therapy what ever I need to, with my love and my passion I will satisfy this world,” he said.

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