QU-themed GIF page a success

Anna Wagner

#LIFEOFABOBKITTEN has taken Quinnipiac’s online community by storm this week, lighting up computers across campus with awkward situations and matching GIF files.

It is a Tumblr dedicated to the everyday (or every-weekend) life of a QU student for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. With the tagline “Wake me up when it’s May Weekend,” you already know you are in for a hilarious, alcohol-induced, slobcat mess of a ride.

From freshmen at Toad’s to crispy chicken at Mondo’s, #LIFEOFABOBKITTEN tries to relate to all students.

“It’s so relevant and completely relatable. I love it.” sophomore athletic training major, Ashley Leverone said.

Posts include titles such as “The first time the fire alarm went off and I didn’t have pants on” featuring a moving picture of  a prepubescent Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy running from the Hogwarts table.

“I love it. I’m obsessed with it,” Erin Sweeney, residential assistant and athletic training major said.

But apparently it’s not relevant to only QU students.

“These girls I graduated high school with posted a link to the website. They go to High Point in North Carolina. I saw it on my dash and freaked out a little.” Sweeney said. “I reached the end of the pages yesterday and I was instantly depressed.”

The Bobkitten herself still refuses to be known, but as long as the GIFs keep coming, students aren’t likely to complain.