Rascal Flatt’s remain un-‘Changed’

Shannon Corcoran

After the 2010 smash hit record “Nothing Like This,” country music’s favorite trio, Rascal Flatts, is back. This time with “Changed,” the band’s eighth studio album; a collection of heartfelt, classic country songs done with Rascal Flatt’s twist that the world has come to love over the past 12 years.

“Changed” is nothing short of spectacular. It combines new sounds with the trio’s signature sounds. With songs that attain a perfect balance of feel-good melodies and softer instrumentals, the record is one that listeners will love no matter what their mood is.

The record’s lead single “Banjo” was released in February. It is easily one of the best songs on the album. It’s the epitome of classic Rascal Flatts — catchy lyrics that you can’t get out of your head and perfectly-produced instrumentals. “Banjo” is simply incredible. If you haven’t bought it yet, do it, as “Banjo” is reminiscent of one of Rascal Flatt’s most beloved songs, “Life is a Highway.”

“Hot in Here” is one track on the album that is sure to steal everyone’s hearts. As a softer, but fresh track, it has the honest lyrics all music fans love combined with the magic of lead singer Gary LeVox’s voice. It’s a song about falling hard for someone in the most heartfelt way and being so taken aback by that person, you don’t know what to do with yourself. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Even if you skip “Banjo,” definitely listen to “Hot in Here.”

The whole album is amazing. However, if there is one track that’s below Rascal Flatts par on “Changed,” it is “She’s Leaving.” There is nothing horrible about it, but the track just doesn’t compare to the rest of the songs on the record. That shouldn’t stop fans from buying the album, as everything else is perfection.

Rate- 5 stars

Listen to– “Changed,” “Hot in Here,” “Banjo,” “A Little Home”

Skip– “She’s Leaving”