Dear Seniors,

Sarah Rosenberg

Just when I thought I had done it all during my four years at Quinnipiac, I’m realizing that I still have a graduation bucket list to fulfill. I feel like my time here has been more than well-spent, experiencing midnight football on the quad and the Big Event, just to name a few. But, as the last few weeks of my college career approach me I can’t help but feel as if I’m forgetting to do things, things I may regret not doing. A few years back, I may have longed to fulfill goals that now seem completely unattainable, such as finally cracking the hard exteriors of our beloved Saturday night security guards. But, now, the list is much simpler, and I encourage all of you seniors in joining me.

Perhaps the easiest item on the list to complete, given the right amount of will power, is watching the sunrise from the Adirondack chairs at York Hill. Before you make a mockery of this cheesy endeavor, I think it’s actually something that would be worth staying awake for. In my head, I envision an extravagant night out to begin with and topping it off with a sunrise worthy of a season finale for a CW show. In all seriousness, I’d probably pass out in one of the chairs before the birds started chirping, and I doubt my friends would be able to stay awake either. But it’s not impossible, and it’s certainly worth a shot.

Every day, literally every day, I drive down New Road and pass the small lake behind CAS. I always admire it. Apparently, you can go fishing there. Plus, it just looks really cool when the sun hits the water the right way. But, lo and behold, I’ve never stepped foot in its parameters. How much would it take for someone to walk over there with me so we can sit on our butts in the dirt while skipping rocks?

Aside from reacquainting myself with nature, which seems to be a recurring theme here, I want to celebrate the onset of upcoming adulthood with someone who’s given me the tools to get there. I want to grab drinks with one of the many professors who have bestowed their knowledge onto me throughout the years. Such plans, or attempts at making them, have already been discussed with fellow classmates because, honestly, one drink can’t hurt. I think one decent cocktail with a professor I’ve had multiple times and who I’ve enjoyed learning from is a doable request.

What’s on your bucket list, seniors? I’m going to keep adding things on to mine in hopes that I have the time and motivation to actually go through with them. Tweet me the number one goal you hope to accomplish before graduation on Twitter, @rosen_tosen.