Disappointing turn out for SGA Debates

Jeremy Stull

This past Monday night I attended the annual Student Government Association Executive Board debates. I was not required to be there as part of my SGA position, I was not there on behalf of a media group, nor am I in a fraternity. That put me in the vast minority; as somebody who attended out of their own desire. I was simply there supporting my favored candidates, Theo Siggelakis and Heidi Hitchen.

The event was lightly attended, to put it mildly.

Perhaps it was not publicized enough. One of the positions being contested was vice president of public relations. Ironically, the only people who got to hear the platforms of the two people running for this position were people who had already been effectively reached by the current public relations techniques of SGA.

Every single person who spoke at the debates was a member of Greek life. The subject of Greek life dominating SGA’s Executive Board is a trite one that I honestly have no desire to rehash. I mention it because there was even a light presence of Greek life at the debates. I recall thunderous applause from Sig Ep and Delt delegations during the back and forth of Ben Cloutier and Andrew McDermott last year. Monday’s event was particularly silent.

As a senior who works off campus three days a week and does not live in the residence halls, I find myself removed from many campus happenings. It is a sad reality, but perhaps ultimately it is easing me out of the Quinnipiac bubble. I did not expect to see many seniors at the debates, but I did expect at least a handful of underclassmen to care.

To be fair, hearing a Q&A with three unopposed candidates is a bit boring, but that does not make the entire event not worthwhile. The vice president of student concerns, which was a contested position, is very often the face of the Quinnipiac student body to administration. This vice president is in charge of the committee that enacts the most tangible changes to student life.

Undoubtedly, somebody who did not attend the debate and possibly did not even vote, will complain about campus or the university. It is a tired line of thinking in democracies, but it still holds a good deal of truth; if you do not exercise your right to vote then you should not exercise your right to complain.

Of course this age-old mantra applies to much grander elections than SGA Executive Board. Take it from somebody who is slowly leaving that bubble of Quinnipiac University, do not take your experiences lightly. Habits formed now do not break easily. So please go sign up on Collegiate Link and vote.

Polls are open until 8 p.m. tonight.