WRECK of the week: Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

Shannon Corcoran

It seems Justin Bieber is failing to make good decisions these days. First he tweets a fake phone number that is one digit short, terrorizing a poor great-grandmother in Texas. Now, in his newest song, he tries to flaunt the fact that his voice has finally changed into a slightly lower register. In his new single “Boyfriend,” Bieber sings, “If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go” – blah blah blah. After just one video of the Biebs rapping a few lines went viral, the pop heartthrob apparently wants to continue showcasing his rapping chops. Justin Bieber, however, was not born to rap, or even attempt to rap.

Sadly, for a song intended to display an older, more musically mature Bieber, “Boyfriend” sounds awfully similar to something from Justin Timberlake’s solo song collection. Bieber deserves some credit for expanding his usual musical style. However, he loses brownie points for too closely resembling JT – and once again singing about puppy love antics. Those who want to hear a knockoff Justin Timberlake song can simply do a YouTube search.