RAVE of the week: The Draw Something daze

Sara Kozlowski

Step aside, Words with Friends – a new app obsession has erupted overnight. One day I’m able to wander campus freely, the next day everyone I knew tackled me to ask, “Do you play Draw Something?” This, for me, was a stupid question – because by that point I already had 15 different games open. This app seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about – with good reason. This addicting Pictionary-esque game for smartphones allows users to draw something based on three different options. Then, your opponent is required to guess what you drew, utilizing the given word bank.

There are a few downsides to the game, including the numerous ads that enjoy interrupting your drawing fun. Also, in the beginning, you need to earn coins for every successfully guessed drawing. Once enough coins are earned, you can then move on to buy new colors other than the more boring black, red, yellow and blue. This game has enlightened me on how badly my friends depict Adele or even basic things like a staircase or sink. This app is incredibly addicting and is without a doubt the new gaming trend in the smartphone world.