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WQAQ’S Battle of the Bands showcases music scene

“We just love playing music and drinking Guinness.” These were Billy Scully’s first words after winning first place in WQAQ’s Battle of the Bands with his group, The Midnighters, this past Saturday.

A genuine love of music was shared amongst those who attended Saturday night’s Battle of the Bands event, which showcased Quinnipiac students’ musical talents.

“I really enjoyed the event. It was really surprising to see all of the bands that Quinnipiac has. I didn’t think that we had a music scene here, so seeing that was nice,” freshman Chelsea Beytas said. “WQAQ did a really great job running the night.”

Sophomore Stephanie Griffin is a member of the musical trio, Oak Tree. She agreed with Beytas and said it was great to see different musical talents.

Variety is exactly what was showcased over the course of the night as students saw every genre — from rap to a cappella. In the end, alternative bands placed in the competition’s top three spots.

The alternative band Maybelle won third place and the $100 prize.

“The lead singer of Maybelle had a really great voice, and overall the band had a really nice style,” Beytas said. “I liked them a lot.”

The alternative rock band Trollllort took the $200 second place spot.

“Seeing Trollllort do well was really nice, especially since it was something that all of the members have been talking about doing quite some time,” Griffin said. “They have a really awesome sound.”

The “alterno-pop” band The Midnighters came out on top, earning the $300 grand prize and the spot as opening act for WQAQ’s spring concert next month.

“I’m really glad that The Midnighters got first place,” Griffin said. “They were my favorite act.”

Sophomore Aidan Tatar said The Midnighters had a nice sound.

Beytas also said she was happy that The Midnighters ultimately won first place.

“The lead singer had a great voice and the band sounded really developed,” she said. “It was nice how the audience got really into their set. You could tell how Burt Kahn got this whole new energy when they came on the stage and I liked that a lot.”

The Midnighters, who will play at the “Bagels and Booze” event at Aunt Chilada’s on April 27, were really happy to have won the event. However, they want to continue to grow musically and keep getting better.

“We’re excited to have won, but we want to keep the future well within the sight,” said Scully, The Midnighters’ guitarist.

Lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player Sydney Russell and Scully scored second place at last year’s Battle of the Bands under the name Russell and Scully. After meeting University of New Haven student Doug Slohm and drummer Matt Barry, the foursome decided to join forces and create The Midnighters.

“We’ve been together for such a short time, but it feels like forever,” Russell said.

The camaraderie between all of the band members is quite visible and certainly led to their success on the stage.

“We’re just in it to have a lot of fun,” Scully said.

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