Chiddy Bang serves a good “Breakfast”

Shannon Corcoran

Coming off a highly successful debut album, the Chiddy Bang duo had many expectations for their sophomore effort. The recently released “Breakfast” proves that Chiddy Bang has only gotten better at its craft and is certainly poised to become a chart topper.

The record is what listeners would typically expect from the duo, but strays far from the mega-hit “Opposite of Adults.” The instrumentals are still a key component in their songs creating beats that are unlike most on currently on the airwaves and are what makes “Breakfast” so special. Songs like “Run it Back” and “Ray Charles” shine because of their piano and drum influences, making them the record’s standouts.

Yet, it is “Mind Your Manners” that steals the show on “Breakfast.” Everything about the track is perfect. Featuring Icona Pop, the relatively unknown artist, the track has everything listeners would expect from Chiddy Bang; a well mastered beat and original rhymes. “Mind Your Manners” is what the whole album should be; alternative hip hoppy beats that are rarely found amongst many current artists.

Mac Miller has been dubbed as an up-and-coming superstar for the past two years, so it’s only natural that Chiddy Bang would eventually collaborate with him at some point. The track “Heat Wave” is the perfect fusion between Millers style and that of Chiddy Bang. Taking a simple beat and turning it into something so vibrant, “Heat Wave” is a song that will only get better with time. The addition of Miller on the track gives listeners something different from the rest of the record and certainly makes an impact.

The letdown of the album is with “4th Quarter.” Straying from the alt hip hop vibes from the rest of the record, “4th Quarter” starts off amazing, but after a minute, it turns to something that any other artist could do. It lacks the uniqueness that all of the other tracks possess which is unfortunate because the best part about Chiddy Bang is how different it is from other hip-hop groups.

Overall, “Breakfast” is a unique collection of songs by a duo that never fails to go outside the box when making music. Although it may let down fans that love what the duo did with “Opposite of Adults,” the record is one that will only get better as time goes on. It will be interesting to see what is to come next, as it seems like Chiddy Bang is constantly upping its music making game.

Rating– 3.5 stars

Listen to– “Happening,” “Ray Charles” and “Mind Your Manners”

Skip- “4th Quarter” and “Does She Love Me”