RAVE of the week: The Kooks at Toad’s

Sarah Rosenberg

For those well-versed in the British indie pop sub-genre, The Kooks is a familiar band name. For those who haven’t quite let go of the radio’s lackluster song selections, the inevitable eyebrow-scrunching is most likely instantly occurring because, honestly, what is a kook and who let them start singing? But for the moment, stop wondering and start listening. The Kooks are coming to Toad’s Place on March 9, and you may want to give their latest album, “Junk of the Heart,” a try.

The Kooks deliver the type of music that is all-encompassing. The band’s music is at times fun and energetic, with tracks that incorporate both pop and rock persuasions. Then, it can provide the poignant acoustic tracks that any rock lover can add to their most precious playlists. Luke Pritchard’s boyish voice is charming, and not without a lust-worthy English drawl. In the best possible way, this band really does sound like its from London.

Some familiar tracks include “Naive,” “She Moves in Her Own Way” and “Shine On.” But if you want become a true Kooks enthusiast, give “Love it All,” “Tick of Time,” “Rosie” and “Junk of the Heart (Happy)” the time of day. You may be surprised, and if it helps, these boys wear blazers and oxford shoes with envious skinny ties.