SGA Update


Hello Bobcats,

“Our organization aspires to enhance the Quinnipiac student life by providing student leadership, supporting student organizations, and encouraging a sense of school spirit, pride, and community.” This is the third charge in YOUR Student Government’s mission statement.

To further strengthen our community, and with a recognized need for work in this area, the Student Government Association has been working diligently with administrators and student organizations on matters that pertain directly to multiculturalism and diversity at Quinnipiac.

As Student Body President, I find great comfort in knowing that our administrators whole-heartedly welcomes open discussion on matters that relate to the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

In a meeting last week with Sr. Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Mark Thompson, and the Vice President for Student Affairs, Manny Carreiro, the Student Leaders Advisory Committee was assured that there is a line item in the next fiscal budget for a position and/or positions that will fill the semi-vacant office of Multicultural Affairs. Further, the administrators have agreed to include students in the hiring process.

In the meantime, I would like to congratulate all of our student organizations that promote diversity and multiculturalism awareness on campus. Programs such as Copacabana Night, Expression of Self, and Milk and Cookies represent the action that is necessary in expanding the student mind. Without a doubt, we certainly need a stable and resourceful office of Multicultural Affairs up and running. We as a University must recognize that the efforts of students, faculty, staff, and administrators truly demonstrate the work of diversity in academics.

Live the Legend,
Lou Venturelli