Real-life ‘Hitch’ offers dating advice

Lindsey Ingram

[media-credit id=1532 align=”alignright” width=”198″][/media-credit]As the month of love looms and relationships quickly become the hot topic on campus, David “The Dating Doctor” Coleman, 13-time winner of the National Speaker of the Year Award, came to Quinnipiac to share his knowledge of all things romance.

On Jan. 27, the Student Programming Board hosted its Friday night Rock ‘N Road Show, where nearly 100 Quinnipiac students attended Coleman’s presentation. Coleman travels worldwide, primarily to college campuses, and gives advice about love, relationships and being you. Coleman is not only a speaker, but also the author of three published novels, which are available to order on his official website.

According to his official website, Coleman received his B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology and his Masters in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. Since then, he has worked with people of all ages who seek advice about relationships and self-esteem. Throughout his career he has given plenty of dating advice.

Coleman said he tries to emphasize the importance of being oneself in a relationship and not putting your all into someone who won’t reciprocate.

“Be complete all on your own,” Coleman said during the presentation.

Right away, Coleman connected with the audience. He encouraged audience members to contribute and get involved with the show’s various aspects. At first people seemed hesitant about Coleman, but as the show progressed, more and more were ready to open up.

Coleman said he is not afraid of tough love, and while the audience was not initially ready to accept it, by the end, people seemed to think he was right.

Coleman did not limit the conversation. From pick-up lines to turn-ons, Coleman made everyone feel comfortable with the topics discussed.

His show stepped over the border and showed the audience the do’s and don’t’s of the friend zone, asking someone out and how to determine if someone is cheating.

Freshman Bailey McPherson thoroughly enjoyed the program.

“My favorite part was the Q & A session because it was interesting to see how straightforward he was,” McPherson said.

The audience certainly had no problem talking about its personal issues. Whether it was a backstabbing best friend or a complicated ex, Coleman was spot on with advice. From the beginning, the “dating doctor” was open and honest. His advice is blunt, and at times harsh, but very helpful.

SPB member Genevieve Bregoli was especially excited about the event.

“I really enjoyed how David Coleman was able to discuss relationships, sex and dating in a fun, comfortable manner,” Bregoli said. “I was extremely happy with how the event turned out; everyone was having a fun time and was really interested in what he had to say.”

Coleman is a returning speaker at Quinnipiac, and each year has had a successful presentation.

Students thoroughly enjoyed his program, and would love to see him again.

“It would be nice to see him come back,” McPherson said. “It was a really funny program, and it was different from most of the programs on campus.”

For those who have a relationship issue or are nervous about making a move, just ask Coleman. Follow him on Twitter, @D8ngDoctor, or friend his Facebook page,