Rave of the Week: Remembering Etta James

Christine Burroni

On Saturday, Los Angeles residents and the rest of the blues- and jazz-loving world remembered legendary singer, Etta James. The performer, famous for her wedding song anthem “At Last,” died on Jan. 13 and was laid to rest on Sunday, Jan. 28. At age 73, she had been one of the most well-known divas of the century. The memorial celebrated James’s life and career, with Christina Aguilera performing “At Last,” and legendary singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder singing, accompanied by a choir, during the burial. Beyoncé was particularly devastated by the news of James’ passing and wrote on her official blog, “Her musical contributions will last a lifetime. Playing Etta James taught me so much about myself, and singing her music inspired me to be a stronger artist.” She portrayed James in the 2008 biopic “Cadillac Records,” and performed “At Last” while Barack and Michelle Obama danced at the President’s 2008 Inauguration Ball. James lived through a rough childhood and a heroine addiction, but complications from leukemia and dementia were the ultimate causes of her death. This past weekend, she was remembered in the brightest light among hundreds of A-listers and regular fans. Just as she sang in her 1960s hit, her life will be remembered forever “Like a Song.”