Q30 creates twittervision with ‘#THAT’

Michelle Gearrity

Q30’s new social media inspired television show, “#THAT,” aired for the first time Nov. 8. The 30 minute show is filled with segments that revolve around hashtagging and the Twitter world.

Junior Mary-Caitlin Harding and sophomore Cara Gilmartin are the brains behind the show’s creation. Harding and Gilmartin said they use hashtags in normal everyday conversation, and they came up with the idea of creating a television show based on tweets and hashtags pertaining to campus.

The show’s creators also share the role of co-hosts, as well as holding the executive and associate producer titles.

“The concept of the show is to just inform the viewers of funny and interesting tweets we’ve been gathering via Twitter,” Gilmartin said. “We talk about celebrities and also QU students and faculty.”

One of the weekly segments titled #allthesingleladies highlights tweets that are posted about the difficulties of being a single girl, which are typically quite comical.

One tweet read, “To confirm my singleness, I’m spending the night cuddling with my phone while watching ‘Aladdin.’ #singlegirlproblems.”

The show also features a weekly interview with one of QU’s most eligible bachelors, and he offers his advice to women.

“I think it has great potential,” said junior Emily Casey, who held the role as floor director for the first show. “The two creators have tons of ideas to add to the show and I think it’s going to be hard to keep it under a half hour.”

“#THAT’s” Twitter page @HashTagThatQU lets students stay up-to-date on episode announcements and provides students with the opportunity to have their tweets read aloud on air.

“Our goal is to help our viewers better understand what twitter has to offer, and really use twitter as a source of entertainment,” Harding said.

Tune in to watch “#THAT” every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on channel 30. Remember to follow @HashTagThatQU, and your tweet could be read during the show.