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Students talk about sex with a sexpert

The Student Programming Board welcomed internationally-known professional sex educator Jay Friedman to Buckman Theater last Saturday night, and audience members were greeted with bagels, orange juice, information pamphlets and … free condoms.

Friedman travels to different campuses around the globe, and talks about the steamy topic of sex to college students. With previous jobs as a former disc jockey and radio talk show host, Friedman certainly knows how to talk about good sex.

He began his sex education presentations when he attended Cornell University as an undergraduate student, and created “How to Be a Better Lover,” a program created for and directed specifically at men. Friedman said he was always interested in relationships.

Friedman has been nominated numerous times for the College Lecture of the Year award, sponsored by the National Association for Campus Activities.

His presentation “The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All” is an ice-breaking, zero boundary discussion in which Friedman expresses the positive side of sex. Friedman began his talk by describing how people want to talk about sex.

“We have a natural desire to learn about sex, therefore we have a natural desire to enjoy sex,” Friedman said.

He then invited audience members into the deepest aspects of his childhood, and described how he learned about sex, and his first experiences with it.

In his life, Friedman has learned something very important, which he shared with the audience: “With every crisis comes an opportunity.” Along with these words of wisdom, Friedman entertained the audience with a mid-presentation Q & A, where he compared audience member’s favorite foods with different type of sexual preferences, which was very entertaining to the nearly 30-member audience.

Junior Jocelyn Dulanie, SPB’s Talks and Topic Chair, was excited about the event.

“I hope audience members don’t feel like they wasted their night, and that they learn about safe sex while still being entertained,” Dulanie said.

Dulanie was invited to speak on Saturday night, but she felt Friedman was the best for the job.

“Two years ago we hosted the event, ‘I Heart the Female Orgasm,’ and it went really well,” Dulanie said. “Since it was a Saturday night, we found that a sex speaker would be the easiest to work with, and he seemed really fun and engaging.”

Freshman Erin Brussell also enjoyed the event.

“It was a fun and interesting experience. I mean you wouldn’t really expect something like that to be around in high school, so it was definitely different,” Brussell said.

Aside from all the humor, Friedman also touched upon sensitive topics such as sexual abuse, rape and homophobia. Friedman opened up this portion of his presentation by saying, “No one should force somebody to do something they don’t want to do sexually.”

Freshman Kate Hochadel enjoyed Friedman’s presentation as well.

“I would love to see something like this happen again on campus,” Hochadel said. “I feel like the presentation was bold and something that we need to experience as college students.”

Those interested in learning more about Jay Friedman and his presentation, “The J-Spot: A Sex Educator Tells All” can visit his website

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