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10 cheap Halloween costumes

Halloween weekend has always been one of the better party weekends up here at school. It’s just a huge theme party that everyone has to follow. You get to dress up like an idiot and have a great time. The only problem I’ve ever encountered with Halloween is my very small cash flow. I’ve put together what I think is a pretty student-friendly list of cheap Halloween costume ideas to use.

Now, there are plenty of trendy ideas from 2011 that I’m sure I didn’t include in this list. I’ll be the first one to admit that my creativity has gotten worse with age. Usually, as long as you can keep your costume idea in the confines of a sports figure, movie character, trending topic, or anything from the early ’90s, then you’re all set. I’d love to hear some comments on the website for costume ideas I missed because this is meant to help out students that have no clue what they’re doing.

Honorable mention: Moammar Gadhafi. Too soon or too far, it doesn’t really matter in my opinion because this guy wore the sickest outfits as a dictator and his death blew up the news this week.


1) Shuttle bus

I’ve had some friends do this in the past and they’ve nailed it. Basically, get a bunch of your buddies, dress up as whatever you want, and then have an enormous cardboard bus with overalls that you guys can wear around while walking from party to party. Each side should be labeled, “girls ride for free.” It doesn’t really matter what school you go to either, usually there’s either a dumb name or theme to each shuttle service that you can exploit for this to be funny.


2) Keith Stone

Of all the years I’ve gone out on Halloween I wish I had thought of this one sooner. Keystone has a great campaign going with Keith Stone. You know … the guy that is always smooth, who has a mullet, flannel button down, and Keystone T-shirt underneath. My guess is that you’ll be able to land free Keystones from people all night long.


3) Tim Tebow

Whether you love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is as popular now in sports as anyone will ever be. The thing about dressing up as Tim is that you can either make fun of him or praise him depending on your costume.


4)  Vampire
Vampires are always trending with “Twilight” and all that other nonsense. However, unlike when I was in fifth grade, vampires now have a bit of a different look. Get a gray T-shirt, black jeans, sick Ray-Bans and gel your hair up for the best vampire look ever. And remember guys, vampires don’t wear capes anymore … they rock peacoats.

5) Angry Birds
I’ve never jumped on the Angry Birds bandwagon, but it has exploded since it came to be. Dress up as different characters from the game with a ton of your friends for when you go out on Halloween. You’ll get your point across pretty quickly, and just like when my buddies and I dressed up as cowboys and Indians a few years ago, there should be some friendly fireworks at the end of the night.

6) Bam Bam and Pebbles
This is one of the better ideas for couples no matter what the year.

7) Stripper and stripper pole
An even better couples idea.

8) Arnold Palmer Lite
Pretty sweet costume if you and a friend want a clever theme. One of you dresses as iced tea, the other dresses as lemonade and then wear name tags with the drink logo on it so people get the point. I would also encourage you to find pretty sweet golf caps or shoes to go with it.
9) Gnomeo and Juliet
I had a classmate talk about this idea and I really liked it. The simple, but effective costume ideas are always the best.
10) Steve Jobs
I know. I know. He died recently, but why not get some fake glasses and a black turtleneck for Halloween. It’s a cheap idea, and most people will be surfing their iPhones at some point during the night when some awkward moment comes up.
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