WRECK of the week: Barbie

Nicole Fano

Suddenly, Barbie doesn’t look like the kind of doll Ken can bring home to his mother.

Trading in her long, blond locks for a short, pink bob,the new Tokidoki brand Barbie doll seems a more suitable match for biker Jesse James than preppy Ken.

According to the Barbie Collector website, the $50 collector doll comes complete with a pink miniskirt, a leashed “cactus friend” named Bastardino, and many tattoos.

Barbie has had many occupations and outfit changes over the decades, but this is the first doll featuring irremovable body art on the neck, chest and arms.

Although the collector doll is currently sold out until November, Barbie’s “funky” fashion sense isn’t appreciated by some parents.

“It’s teaching kids to want tattoos before they are old enough to dress like that,” one parent told ABC 13 News.

Between scandalous movies and TV shows, children don’t need another form of age-inappropriate entertainment.

Between allegedly promoting body image issues and now “promoting” tattoos, it’s time parents found another doll alternative for their kids.