Seven Ways to Beat Fall Boredom

Michael Coulombe

The weather’s getting brisk, the leaves are changing color, and sweatshirts are replacing tank-tops; autumn has definitely arrived. Rather than sitting inside mourning the loss of the summer sun, take advantage of all the fun that comes exclusively with fall. There are plenty of great options for ways to keep busy throughout the season:

Take a hike: Sleeping Giant Mountain is home to some of the most beautiful New England foliage during the autumn months, and Quinnipiac students are lucky enough to live right underneath it. Go for a leisurely walk up to the tower to experience nature in its finest state. Sleeping Giant State Park, which boasts of over thirty miles of tranquil woodlands, provides wonderful views, great exercise and a relaxing atmosphere- all free of charge and right across the street.

Go apple picking: Picking your own apples is a staple of the fall season. Luckily, there are several “pick-your-own” orchards nearby to choose from. Sip on some fresh apple cider and hop on a tractor at a local orchard like Bishop’s Orchard, located in Guilford, or Drazen Orchards, in Cheshire, for a day of fun.

Lose yourself in a corn maze: There’s nothing that says autumn quite like getting lost in a maze of cornstalks. Preston Farm in Preston is known for its elaborate mazes that illustrate a theme from a bird’s-eye view. This year at Preston Farm you can get lost in a giant, guitar shaped maze with an area of over three hundred yards!

Carve a pumpkin: Many of the same farms that offer pick- your-own apple orchards also have pick-your-own pumpkin patches. Choose the pumpkin that is right for you, and turn it into a decorative jack-o-lantern. Visit a website such as for carving tips, techniques, and even the history of the jack-o-lantern.

Have some haunted fun: If you are in the mood to get spooked, spending a night on a haunted hayride or haunted walking tour may do just the trick. The Old Saybrook Fire Department Haunted Hayride in Old Saybrook and the Trail of Terror in Wallingford are two popular attractions in the area. Get a group of friends together and be prepared to scream!

Watch a scary movie: Sometimes the best way to spend an autumn evening is inside watching a horror film. Get comfortable, pop some popcorn and settle in for some cinematic thrills. Classics like The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween are sure to scare and entertain.

Play football: Fall is synonymous with football season, so round up a group for a game of pigskin on any sunny afternoon. You’ll get fresh air, lots of exercise and have a great time with friends!