Alumni: keep your distance from QU

Nicole Fano

During my recent treks to Aunchies and Toad’s, I’ve spotted several male graduates who still think it’s acceptable to creep all over Hamden and New Haven. Well boys, you may not look as bad as the random 40-year-olds who show up at Toad’s, but it still looks like you’re not moving on with your life.

And while the bars may be a safe place to hit on girls since everyone there is at least 21 years old, Toad’s is a total free-for-all. Truthfully, the 17-year-old girl can look like she’s 21 with a great push-up bra and a really good fake ID. And no graduate wants to be in that awkward position when he tries to bring the girl back to his room at the end of the night.

The truth is he doesn’t have a room because he already graduated, and he’s really just crashing at his younger friend’s place who’s still a Quinnipiac student.

Of course, there are certain acceptable reasons for graduates to return to the local hot spots. For starters, Alumni Weekend is a perfectly understandable time to return to the area, and nobody is judged for it. And there is no shame in weekend visits here and there to catch up with old friends.

However, the judgment begins when graduates continuously show up weekend after weekend to party like the good old days. Don’t show up for Halloween, don’t show up for St. Patrick’s Day, and, most definitely, please do not show up for May Weekend. Unfortunately, you no longer have the right to call it an official Quinnipiac holiday.

I get it – most people don’t like change because it’s scary and unknown. And I assume that the graduates who are still trying to pass as current Quinnipiac students are just trying to hold on to their college experience for as long as possible.

Just like someone in their 30s shouldn’t still be living at home, someone who has graduated from college shouldn’t be driving back to school every weekend to creep on younger girls. Plain and simple: four great years came and went, and now it’s time to spread those wings and leave the college nest once and for all.