Lady A ‘Owns the Night’

Shannon Corcoran

In 2010, the country band turned big-time trio Lady Antebellum catapulted from being an opening act to playing crowded arenas with their mega-hit single, “Need You Now.” The trio went from being virtually unknown to hearing their songs played all over the radio almost over night. It was a measure of success that nobody had expected from their sophomore album.

Songs from their newly released album “Own the Night” come as close as it gets to being comparable to the tracks on “Need You Now.” Like their debut album, all of the songs on the album are relatable. It is a collection of love stories, each song representing an aspect of love and relationships that every person seems to go through at one point or another. Each song has a raw, honest feel to it that will certainly leave an impression on its listeners. The honesty in lead vocalist Hillary Scott’s voice is real and powerful, that listeners can’t help but feel emotionally connected to each and every song, something that very few artists seem able to do these days.

The album’s first single, “Just a Kiss,” is what listeners expect from Lady A: a heartfelt, emotionally-infused ballad with a soft country-rock vibe that strikes a chord with your heart. Scott sings in the single, “You just might be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life, so baby I’m alright, with just a kiss goodnight.”

Being a “stock” single from the trio propelled “Just a Kiss” to the top of the country charts soon after its release. However, the album really develops an identity of its own through the band’s most recent single, “Friday Night.” Comparable to the Rascal Flatts, country music’s other favorite trio, the song is poised to become one of those feel-good love anthems that listeners can’t seem to get enough of. Unlike the song collection on “Need You Now,” there’s something about this album that makes it more connective, both literally as an album and emotionally to listeners’ hearts. There’s a new sense of realness in this album that is magical and refreshing, and although “Own the Night” may never top “Need You Now” in terms of sales, it will be one of those albums that stays with listeners for a while.