RAVE and WRECK of the week: Sept. 14, 2011

RAVE of the week: Social assassin strikes again

Larry David is not just a social assassin. He’s a comedic genius.

I don’t know where he comes up with some of his ideas and scripts for the latest season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but I’m convinced he’s out of his mind.

His latest season featured some of the show’s most speechless moments, including when he taught a teenager how to use a tampon and when he created one of the most outrageous inventions ever thought of: the car periscope.

“Curb” has a way of connecting every single piece together. Nothing has come more full circle in television history in my mind.

But David went above and beyond in his last episode. “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox” featured some of the most hilarious and disturbing scenes. Spoiler alert: He creatively mocks Fox’s Parkinson’s disease and ties it in with David being screwed over. He’s a full-on prick, but a funny one to boot.

It doesn’t end there. David and Bill Buckner spoke about Michael Jordan’s alleged Hitler mustache in episode nine, and it was brought back in the finale. The way he brings it up – not subtle in the least – is amazing.

As the finale’s last moments arrive, David continues to prove that his demented self leaves you in shock and awe, but also wanting more.

WRECK of the week: ‘Real World’ returns to San Diego

It seems that MTV will air yet another reality TV masterpiece on Sept. 28 with a new season premiere of “The Real World: San Diego.”

The show that began in 1992 was intended to showcase the trials of young-adulthood. Twenty-five seasons later, and “The Real World” has morphed into an obnoxious form of TV that glamorizes public intoxication, one-night-stands and dramatic brawls. Sound familiar?

It makes perfect sense why the “Jersey Shore” cast emulates this same behavior every Thursday night – they too, grew up watching those classy people on “The Real World.”

Judging from the upcoming season’s official trailer, it’s embarrassingly evident that the show’s producers cast the same type of people. The only difference is that the cast becomes progressively hotter and progressively dumber.

The series’ 26th season features Zach, the hot, athletic guy; Sam, the lesbian who tries to fit in with the guys; Nate, the southern hot-head; Priscilla, the “good girl” who turns raunchy; Ashley, the flirty blonde; Alexandra, the smart, seemingly normal girl who will eventually snap; and Frank, the man-whore who can’t choose between liking boys or girls.

This is one series that needs to be retired immediately.