How to land your dream internship

Annie Patch

5. Apply to more than one place: It is best to apply to more than one, because usually only half the amount of places you apply to will even respond to your resume.

4. Contact them! Remember this, you are contacting and remembering that one place. That one place is being contacted by hundreds of other eager and just as qualified students. After a few weeks, if you have not heard from them, e-mail them again saying “Hello my name is, I applied for such and such a position, looking for an update,” or something of that sort. Do not be obnoxious, but most certainly be aggressive.

3. Be Polite: This is small, but crucial. An employer is looking for someone who is ready to work, but knows how to write. Be polite in the e-mail and write it professionally. Do not send a potential employer an e-mail with “Heyy!” An employer wants to know you can be professional, and if you show them that right from the start you already have one up on the competition. Try an introduction such as “Dear” or “To Whom It May Concern”, the latter works great when you send to more than one potential employer at a time.

2. The Urgent Symbol and Subject Line: I found it most effective, when I emailed my resume to companies, I wrote in “Internship” on the subject line, and set the urgent button on the e-mail. An employer is going to notice and pay much closer attention to an e-mail with the little red exclamation point next to it, especially if it has a subject line. Usually, if an employer sees an e-mail from someone they do not know with out a subject line, it will immediately be deleted.

1. Keep your resume updated! It sounds cliché, but every little thing counts. Every club, honor society, class, project, extra curricular activity you partake in makes a difference. An employer wont want to see a resume dated a year ago, they want to see the most up to date possible resume they can, with as close a date to the present as possible. It shows you are always on top of your game, and just what they are looking for.