The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Rivera Jr. ‘believes’ he made Quinnipiac baseball team

John Healy

September 21, 2011

When New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera visited campus last fall with his son Mariano Rivera Jr. to speak to baseball head coach Dan Gooley, it created buzz that grabbed national headlines. Now the famed closer’s son...

Mariano Jr. commits to Quinnipiac

Matt Eisenberg

April 20, 2011

The Rivera name has a history with pinstripes. Now Quinnipiac will have a history with the Rivera name. Mariano Rivera Jr., the son of New York Yankees famed closer Mariano Rivera, said in a phone interview Friday he will attend...

Quinnipiac makes pitch to Riveras

Matt Eisenberg

December 8, 2010

Though “Enter Sandman” wasn’t playing, there was still plenty of applause and commotion. New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera made an entrance at Quinnipiac University Wednesday afternoon with his son, Mariano Jr.,...