The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Local Natives break out of ‘indie’ box

Reid Engwall

March 30, 2011

The “indie” music genre isn’t characterized by any specific type of music, like rap, rock, or pop. Instead, it’s more indicative of how a group chooses to make its music, using smaller record labels rather than the larger...

Grammys 2010: Suprise winners and snubs

Paige Weiners & Shannon Hendrickson

February 17, 2011

Country is no longer just adored by the South, proven when Lady Antebellum took home the award for Song and Record of the Year at the 53rd annual Grammy awards, which aired on CBS this past Sunday. The opening act for the award...

15 Best Songs of 2010

Matt Busekroos

December 22, 2010

Mainstream music in 2010 felt like one bad teenage dream from an unlikely collaboration between Justin Bieber to Ludacris to the abomination of Ke$ha, who thrust her way into the pop culture lexicon. With some minor setbacks,...