The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Rhode Island tragedy hits home for writer

Eric Marrapodi

February 27, 2003

WhenThey were a 1980's heavy metal hair band, "Once bitten, Twice Shy" was Great White's only hit. They won a Grammy in 1990, but faded rapidly into obscurity. To make up for what they lacked, they used pyrotechnics at their...

Quinnipiac creating class of commuters

Marisa Koraus

February 20, 2003

Three years ago, a change was made to Quinnipiac's residential policies. This change currently guarantees housing for only the first three years of a student's college experience. As a result, arrangements must be made to find...

Millions protest against war across the world

Elham Shabahat

February 20, 2003

Five hundred thousand in New York City, more than a million in London, 150,000 in Melbourne, one to two million in Rome, Barcelona and Madrid - and according to estimates, eight to 11.5 million worldwide protested against the...

Affirmative Action: still fair and necessary

Eric Marrapodi

February 13, 2003

The Supreme Court recently heard a case involving the University of Michigan's admissions policies. In order to be considered for admission, a student needs to have 100 out of a possible 150 points. One hundred points does not...

Student annoyed with poor library conduct

Sean Hughes

February 13, 2003

Due to the design of the Arnold Bernard Library, students fail to realize how much sound travels throughout the cyber caf

Debate over gay civil unions intensifies

Tom Hyde

January 30, 2003

As one of the 19 Quinnipiac students who attended a recent two-week seminar on the study of the Congress and the media in Washington D.C., I was able to learn first-hand from some of the dominant political personalities in the...

Quinnipiac: overemphasis on image

Tom Hyde - Staff Writer

December 5, 2002

Recently Marina Perdikouris, a member of the Student Government Association, made mention at an SGA meeting that she felt concerned that eating disorders are present in uniquely high numbers on this campus. Many were quick to...

O’Neill says misinformation led to scrutiny


November 28, 2002

There has been a lot of negative publicity regarding the Student Government Association here at Quinnipiac University. This article will hopefully shed some positive light on student government and its efforts to make life at...

Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ and mismanaged priorities

Tom Hyde - Staff Writer

November 28, 2002

There is no doubt that rap star Eminem is one of the most talented musicians of our generation. The bigger question is whether his type of music, hateful in content and exploitative in its message, is really impacting us in the...

Trials and tribulations of group projects

Eric Marrapodi

November 21, 2002

As the semester comes to close, students fearfully look ahead to finals. Finals are cruel, unusual methods of determining absurd things like if you went to the lectures or did all the required reading. These two wholly unrealistic...

Ethics lacking in student body

Tom Hyde - Staff Writer

November 14, 2002

Quinnipiac is a university on the rise. With expanding academic resources, a growing endowment and an overall commitment to building a solid regional and national reputation, excellence is seen in almost every facet of university...

Letter to the editor: CAP thanks Quinnipiac community


November 14, 2002

To the editor: Community Action project would like to thank the Quinnipiac Community for its patience, support and dedication to the youth of the New Haven Area. Nearly 70 children from St. Francis elementary school enjoyed a...