The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Obama’s honesty and fearlessness unheard of so far

Thomas Keith

March 26, 2008

For months this primary election has been clouded in the muddy waters of race and gender. It has been reduced to thirty second sound bites that self-proclaimed experts debate to the point that any semblance of practical meaning...

Tower takedown reflects selfishness of administration

Thomas Keith

September 12, 2006

There are only so many outlets for students to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Student organizations like The Chronicle, Q30 television, and WQAQ, the student radio station, have provided students a necessary voice...

No cash back for cramped rooms is unfair

Thomas Keith

September 5, 2006

It has come to my attention that Quinnipiac has received an anonymous donation of nearly 1.5 million dollars. The unknown benefactors have had their identities hidden from the public, until now. The all too generous contributors...