The Quinnipiac Chronicle

From ‘bedroom DJ passion’ to local performer

Mike Turzilli

February 15, 2012

From Monday to Friday afternoon, senior Ryan Walker assumes his daily routine as a history major. Come every Friday night, though, you can find Walker downstairs at Aunt Chilada’s in Hamden, displaying his talent as a deejay. For...

Artists to watch in 2012

Mike Turzilli

February 1, 2012

The Weeknd Toronto native Abel Tesfaye entered the music scene in early 2011 with his debut mixtape “House of Balloons.” Unlike most debut mixtapes, which often fail to bring any attention to its respective artist, “H...

Flying Lotus creates musical complexity

Mike Turzilli

November 8, 2011

Steven Ellison, who performs as Flying Lotus, is by no means a new or undiscovered artist. He is however, an incredibly unique musician who has somehow managed to fly under the radar of most music buffs. Through blending eleme...

ASAP Rocky defies critics’ labels

Mike Turzilli

October 31, 2011

Shortly after an artist surfaces into the mainstream, he/she is compared to other artists from the same city. Furthermore, artists from a given city often become judged more by their hometown than their music. This trend is especially...

Jay Electronica resists the mainstream

Mike Turzilli

October 24, 2011

The rap genre has changed at a faster rate than any other music style. Rap and hip-hop’s origins can be traced back to New York, where the lyrical content can be described as “conscious.” Rappers aim to use their art to...

James Blake fits no genre with original sound

Mike Turzilli

October 12, 2011

It’s not often that an artist creates a sound so unique, there is simply no genre to label it. The 23-year-old London native James Blake, however, has done just this. His work is so inventive and interesting, he simply can’t...

Das Racist offers new sound

Mike Turzilli

October 5, 2011

Das Racist, comprised of Himanshu Suri “Heems” and Victor Vazquez “Kool A.D.,” is likely the most interesting underground hip-hop group to surface within the last few years. Ashok Kondabolu “Dap” is also the group’s...