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Quinnipiac University Ready To Relay

Marcus Harun

April 24, 2012

This Friday will mark Samantha Plourde’s twelfth year honoring her close friends by walking at Relay For Life. Plourde started off as a member of “Team Jake,” walking for an hour in fourth grade and now she is co-chair...

Teachers and students affected by state bill

Marcus Harun

April 4, 2012

Connecticut’s achievement gap is the worst in the nation—low income students perform 35 percent worse than non-low income students on standardized testing. The governor and many teachers are at odds with how to fix this problem. In...

<h1>Meeting Rooms</h1> This is one of five meeting rooms that the new Carl Hansen Student Center will include. Student organizations will reserve these rooms to hold meetings.<br> <a href=Back to map " />

Student Center Gallery

February 29, 2012

Mitt Romney leading in delegate count, states won

Marcus Harun

February 15, 2012

No one in the Democratic Party decided to run against President Barack Obama this year, so he will be the Democratic nominee. But who will his challenger be on the ballot in November? That is being decided now in the Republican...