The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Oh, the places they’ll go…

Keri Lynn McHale

April 25, 2007

When Quinnipiac seniors walk across the stage on graduation day, they will leave the only life they have ever known. In their hands will be a diploma, their ticket to the real world. But what will they do with it? For some, that...

Pomp, circumstance and good eats

Keri Lynn McHale

April 17, 2007

The congratulatory smiles across your relatives' faces will quickly fade on graduation day if you have to inform them you forgot to book a table at a local restaurant. If the thought of dragging your screaming cousins, disappointed...

New Orleans rebuilds: Student’s eyes opened by hard life in Big Easy

Keri Lynn McHale

April 4, 2007

My body ached as I climbed into my stained, broken cot. I pushed my nose into my pillow to escape the stench of the room, a combination of body odor, mouse feces and dust. I cocooned in my green sleeping bag and rested against...

Squad makes presence known on campus

Keri Lynn McHale

October 6, 2004

One small step equals one giant leap towards diversity for the newly established Step Squad at Quinnipiac University. The squad, founded by president and senior physical therapy major, Darrell Nurse, differentiates itself from...